Production Design

  Production design is one of our strong suits, and we have contributed to projects ranging from Theme park simulator rides to Feature films and Television series.

Theme park credits include production design work done at Industrial Light & Magic for the Disney EPCOT simulator ride "Body Wars". Feature production design credits include other ILM projects such as "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", "Ghostbusters II" and "Joe VS. the Volcano".

We provided production animation backgrounds for Disney's "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"; and production illustrations for Shelly Duvall's "Faire Tale Theater", Steven Spielberg's "Amazing Stories", as well as many commercials.

We also do key animation background design and have provided this service for a series of featurettes for Golden Films/Sony Wonder.

  Digital Ink & Paint

 Industry standard exposure sheets are used and created.
 Real product labels can be morphed to track animation perfectly.

Our Digital Ink and Paint system provides finished animation that is pristine; without dirt, scratches, Newton rings or reflections. Techniques that were too expensive to use with traditional methods are now easy. Digital paint saves money because it incorporates the camera service and the compositing.

We are set up specifically for painting animation so we can accommodate changes (like replacing colors after a scene is painted) without having to go back to every frame. Changes in frame sequencing are easy, and we can provide a printed exposure sheet to track your changes.

Our animation system is resolution independent with definable aspect ratio. Thus we can produce material for resolutions ranging from video game up to motion picture film . The compositor mimics a multi-plane animation camera and is capable of rack focus camera effects, tone mattes and transparency. Full motion live action imagery can be imported for use as a background. Output can be to NTSC or PAL video in the following formats; D1 video, 16x9, ADTV or HDTV. We can also output to Film or to data as sequentially numbered files at any resolution.

Computer File to video conversion


We can take your sequentially numbered computer files and convert them to D1 video in NTSC, PAL and 16:9. Conversely, we can take video tape and convert the frames to sequentially numbered images in the computer file format of your choice.

 Motion Control

We've provided expert motion control photography since 1978. Our experience includes shooting models and miniatures, table top and 2D graphic animation.

  Model Shop

We produce all miniatures, models, puppets and scenery, in-house. Our shop is completely equipped and we do our own molding, casting and foaming.
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