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Links to trade organizations regarding Animation and Production


Association of Independent Commercial Producers:
is very active on "Runaway Production" issues.

Film US:
is a membership of nearly 200 film commissions with a lobbying presence in Washington. We are working on finding a link to them.

Association of Imaging Technology & Sound ITS:
The Association of Imaging Technology and Sound, a trade organization active in promoting the interests of American post-production companies.
Responsible for getting the California Tax Regulation 1532 passed, that has eliminated state sales tax on equipment purchases made by qualified animation and post-production professionals.

ITS Pacific Region Office
6464 Sunset Blvd, Suite 802
Hollywood, CA. 90028
Phone (323) 461-5890

Broadcast Designers Association:
the global association of design professionals working in television, video and multimedia production.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS)

American Film Institute (AFI)

Hollywood Film Institute

Independent Feature Project (IFP)

Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)

National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE)

Visual Effects Society (VES)
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"Same Page" e-studio is a service that helps you to organize, coordinate and collaborate on all of your communication-arts projects. Manage media projects using the internet. This pre-packaged service can give you the functionality of video conferencing and video faxing, without having to figure it all out yourself.
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 Recommended reading:

Focal Press:
Publishers with a large library of books about various media production techniques. Before there was the "For Dummies" series of books covering all human endeavors, Focal Press had cornered the market in teaching the techniques of media production in a simple and understandable way.

Print Magazine Online:
One of the best design magazines around. Very savvy with a wry outlook. Rarely a techno-loving geekfest.

The definitive chronicle of special visual effects in magazine form. A must subscribe for serious followers of effects.
INDEX: This link leads you to an address for subscription and an index of previous articles.
DESCRIPTION AND ORDER LINK: This link leads you to a place where you can subscribe to Cinefex.

The Technique of Special Effects Cinematography:
by Raymond Fielding
This is the bible about visual special effects. If there was only one "How To" book in your library, this would be it! It is an older book that covers all of the pre-electronic techniques of creating visual effects and photo chemical compositing. It won't teach you digital compositing, but it's good for your mind and will teach you why effects work is done the way it is.

Chuck Amuck : The Life and Times of an Animated Cartoonist:
by Chuck Jones
A long line of animated mischief makers sprang from his pen: Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and countless others. Chuck Jones is one of the giants of animation, and his daffy and unpretentious autobiography will delight readers with behind-the-scenes views of his life. A must for fans.

The Illusion of Life : Disney Animation
by Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston (Contributor)
Written by the ultimate Disney insiders, this "bible" of animation is the definitive account of the development of Disney animation. It explains what made Disney's style unique, how memorable movie sequences were made and features original sketches and drawings.
Full-color throughout. Another must have for fans and students of animation.

Animation Techniques
by Christopher D. Watkins
A brief look at the beginnings and future of animation, and the key people/companies involved in its advancement. It explains technical concepts pertinent to animation.

Experimental Animation : Origins of a New Art
by Robert Russett, Cecile Starr (Editor)

One of the books in our library. A good look at all the different ways that animation can be created. An antidote to all the techno-lust propaganda.

Paper Dreams: The Art And Artists Of Disney Storyboards
by John Canemaker
Before the Animation Begins : The Art and Lives of Disney Inspirational Sketch Artists
by John Canemaker
Review by Amazon.com
For the first time ever, noted animation historian and animator John Canemaker documents the lives and works of Disney's "inspirational sketch artists" from the 1930s to the present. These are the people who visualize all the details surrounding each character in the initial creative period before the grueling labor of animation begins. Drawings and paintings of Disney characters leap right off the pages of this lush book, where you'll find pastels from Fantasia, faux wood-cuts of the Seven Dwarfs, paintings of Alice in Wonderland, and hundreds of other delightful, rarely seen images.

John Canemaker
John Canemaker is an internationally recognized animator and animation historian. Canemaker has authored several books and more than 100 essays, reviews and articles on animation. He is a tenured professor and head of the film animation program at New York University Tisch School of the Arts. The John Canemaker Animation Collection is an archival resource on animation history opened to scholars and students in 1989 as part of the Fales Collection in Bobst Library at NYU.

Creating 3-D Animation : The Aardman Book of Filmmaking
by Peter Lord, Brian Sibley, Aardman Animations
From the folks that brought you Wallace and Grommet, here is a beautiful book showing the stop motion work from Aardman Studios in England. A thorough book on the subject and one of the first to include complete instructions for making a "3-D" animated film (Note, they use the term "3-D" to mean real world dimensional animation). If you're going to copy someone, these are the guys.

Visual Effects Cinematography
by Zoran Perisic
This is a new book on the subject so I can't comment about the book specifically. However, Mr. Perisic has written many fine technical (but currently out of print) books about animation and special effects techniques so we have high expectations for his new book. He must know something, he made Superman fly (in camera!) with an Academy Award winning front projection system of his invention.

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Other book stores specializing in movie ephemera Bud Plant Comic Art:
They describe themselves as; Bud Plant's incredible Art Books. Discover 4,000 hard to find books at your fingertips: www.budplant.com. 240 page catalog is available.
P.O. Box 1689-CFX1, Grass Valley, CA. 95945
  Larry Edmund's Bookshop
6644 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: (323) 463-3273
Fax: (323) 463-4245
Email: edmunds@artnet.net

Long a Hollywood institution. If something has ever been written about stage, TV or film, these guys have it or can get it.
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Where to buy video tapes of Animation
  Whole Toon Catalog:
This is a company dedicated to all things animated, and a wonderful resource for finding rare tapes, laser discs, and other media having to do with animation.

You can get a printed version of their catalog by writing to:
The Whole Toon Catalog
Facets Multi-Media
1517 West Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60614

(800) 331-6197

Facets, the parent company, is in the process of setting up an on-line presence for the "Whole Toon Catalog." In the mean time, the animation product is mixed in with the rest of the Facets library; an amazing collection of art, classic, cult, foreign and hard-to-find videos of all kinds.

Browse this collection and be amazed. Facets video library consists of over 27,000 titles, all of which are available for purchase through mail order. Facets also offers over 15,000 tapes for rent.
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Training Video Tapes about EFX
Masters of Visual Effects is a four part series of training videos that give you access to a wealth of essential knowledge about visual effects. Like any knowledge worth having, these tapes are not cheap, about $300.00 per installment.
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Public Domain Music Search


Having done quit a bit of research through ASCAP and similar music licensing agencies, we have found that it's very difficult to verify that a folk song that one might want to use is truly in Public Domain. We came upon the following site that offers a starting point.

Public Domain Information Project

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 Using Licensed Music
 Just gotta use that obscure THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS tune in your next marketing video. Find out what it will cost at Music Partners.

Beatnik.com is Thomas "Dolby" Robertson's production music site It features many well known libraries of needle drop music, and soon will have the Skywalker Sound effects library on-line as well. The niftiest feature is a search engine that lets you find clips based upon genre, mood, tempo and many other descriptors. You can locate, demo and buy music clips at this site.
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