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"Wonders of the World"

For a series of tapes about natural and man-made wonders of the world, we created highly detailed original paintings with overlaid limited animation depicting events such as the building of Stonehenge, how the Pyramids were made, and how continents formed from Pangea. We then added camera moves and composited informational elements to create animatic sequences several minutes long for each of the 4 tapes in this series. The series was produced by IVN.


Monterey Bay Aquarium

This 13 minute HDTV presentation about the history of Monterey Bay featured several filmographic segments shot by us. Because all of the artwork consisted of historical paintings housed only in museums, we had to re-photograph 4 x 5 " transparencies of the paintings. Our motion control system's unique capabilities allowed us to make intricate moves, often framing areas no larger than a postage stamp.


Frank Lloyd Wright's
"Hanna House"

We shot about half an hour of footage of archival photographs about the construction of "Hanna House" for this documentary funded by Stanford University. Often creating the footage required massive changes of scale, on the order of 30 fields or more, something that we are uniquely set up to do.

This project is still in production, as it is tied to the restoration of the Hanna house located on the Stanford Campus.


Director Mike Domdero plots a move on an original FLW blueprint


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